2020 Radius Real Estate & Economic Forecast Webinar

Zoom Edition

Tuesday, November 10, 2020 | 9:30am-10:45am

When the votes are counted, what happens next?

Here we are with elections FIIINAAALLLY upon us, the pandemic still wreaking havoc on the nation, and the economy moving in the [right] direction. [seemingly? steadily? perhaps not?]

It’s definitely time to get after it and figure out where we go from here.


Tue., Nov. 10, 2020
9:30 am – 10:45 am


That’s where UCSB chief economist Peter Rupert and local commercial real estate titans Steve Brown & Brad Frohling of Radius Commercial Real Estate weigh in.

Join us for an hour of insights and analysis to help get our lives and livelihoods back on track for success (and sanity) in 2021.

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2020 Radius Forecast Webinar

Steve Brown, Principal & Co-Founder, Radius

Steve Brown boasts an unparalleled, 45-year record in the sale and leasing of commercial and multifamily property in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, specializing in analyzing investment property and representing buyers and sellers in purchases and sales.

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2020 Radius Forecast Webinar

Peter Rupert, Director, UCSB Economic Forecast Project

Peter Rupert is a Professor of Economics at the University of California at Santa Barbara, the Director of the Economic Forecast Project and the Associate Director of the Laboratory for Aggregate Economics and Finance at UCSB.

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2020 Radius Forecast Webinar

Brad Frohling, Principal, Radius

Brad Frohling is a specialist in the retail, office and industrial sectors in the South Central Coast and has completed more than $640 Million in local commercial real estate lease and sale transactions since joining Radius in 2002.

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