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Commercial Real Estate: The Benefits of Using an Agent

December 19, 2011

An owner who lists their property with a licensed agent is the first and best step in getting a property leased. It is their job to advise the property owner on current market conditions for the property, recommend pricing that will reflect the market, discuss potential proactive improvements to the property and develop a marketing strategy. A good agent will have the market knowledge that will tell him not only what other properties are available in the area that are similar but what properties recently leased and how much they leased for and how long it took to make that deal.

An agent does more than place a sign on the property and advertise it in the paper. An agent’s first desire will be to secure a solid tenant for the property no matter who is representing them so they will proactively market the property to other agents and potential tenants. Agents have a wide range of networking tools to ensure the availability of your property reaches all prospective parties looking in the marketplace.

Finally, an agent will act as advocate for the owner in lease negotiations. Some owners are sophisticated and some are not. It is the same way with tenants. What the agent will be able to do is to make sure the playing field is level from a negotiations point of view. The end goal is to produce an agreement that will be acceptable to both parties. When both sides are satisfied with the transaction the agent can be assured of return business.

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