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Managing a commercial real estate sale involves a great deal of insight and preparation.

Commercial real estate generally encompasses a diverse array of property types, including office, retail, industrial, medical, hospitality, mixed-use, multifamily, development land and agriculture. Discerning a property’s unique characteristics and potential uses and valuing it accurately for the market is vital.

Just as crucial is a keen understanding of the motivations and reasons for buying or selling. An investor looking for a quality income-producing asset to prop up their nest egg will view commercial property through a very different lens than a business owner looking for a place to grow their livelihood. In both cases a tailored approach is required, whether locating opportunities that satisfy a buyer’s specific needs, or marketing a property to the right pool of potential buyers.


“Discerning a property’s unique characteristics and potential uses and accurately valuing it for the market is vital.”


Ultimately, managing a commercial real estate sale involves a great deal of insight and preparation. Your best bet to achieve the results you desire is an experienced broker with an unrivaled combination of skill, resources and market knowledge.

Radius is renowned for our ability to secure the best outcomes for our clients, whether assisting business owners with the purchase of their own real estate to reap the benefits of property ownership; representing investors in the acquisition or sale of commercial property; or navigating timely 1031 Exchanges, often a complex process that may yield valuable tax benefits.

We are committed to leveraging the full scope of our extensive capabilities to help you achieve your commercial real estate goals, including performing comprehensive valuations; employing targeted marketing tactics to identify and attract qualified buyers; engaging a comprehensive list of active investors and industry contacts to expand our reach; and performing thorough due diligence to ensure a successful and timely close.

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