Creating win-win outcomes for commercial tenants and landlords

Leasing commercial space can be tricky. There is more riding on your lease than getting a good deal on the rent.

Commercial lease agreements can be especially complex because they establish a relationship between landlord and tenant, covering a variety of terms and contingencies that have lasting implications.

A good lease protects the interests of both parties, so it’s essential everyone get off to a good start. No matter what side you’re on, an experienced broker in your corner may save time and money up front, and can be critical to your bottom line for years to come. Radius is prepared to help.


“An experienced broker in your corner can be critical to your bottom line”


Sure, we’ve managed countless leases and projects of all sizes. We understand the vital distinctions between leasing office, retail and industrial property. We arm ourselves with thorough market and financial analysis and unparalleled resources. But ask anyone on our team what they get up for in the morning and they’ll tell you it’s not negotiating deals. It’s doing our best to effect winning outcomes for our clients.

Your success is personal to us. Our brokers take time to listen and find custom solutions to fit your unique needs. We look beyond a property’s specs to uncover creative uses that may not be obvious. We work tirelessly to match the right person with the right space so everyone thrives.

Ultimately we will represent your interests as if they were our own, guiding you every step of the way until you’re satisfied with the lease and have a complete understanding of its impact on your business.

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We can help with any commercial lease:


Office leasing

Leasing office space is a big decision. For one, office rent is typically one of the largest expenses a business will incur, so doing things the right way leading up to signing a lease can save you significantly down the line. Choosing a suitable space and location can also be paramount to attracting and keeping quality talent, which can have serious impact on a company’s future growth. The point is research is crucial, and that’s where a skilled broker with quality resources and a strong grasp on the market is invaluable in helping tenants secure the right space for their needs and the most favorable lease terms.

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Industrial leasing

Finding quality space with just the right features to accommodate a range of industrial uses can be challenging on the South Coast which faces very limited supply of property in this category. Commercial brokers must have a firm understanding of the fundamentals of different industrial uses, including warehouse/storage, manufacturing, office/showroom. They especially need a finger on the pulse of the market at all times to spot opportunities before they arise. Radius keeps close tabs on existing leases and lease expiration dates so that we can provide tenants a valuable head start in finding the most efficient space or building for their purposes.

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Retail leasing

The retail landscape continues to evolve before our eyes. Online shopping is forcing brick-and-mortar merchants to focus on creating meaningful customer experiences to stay relevant, putting a greater premium on traditional real estate considerations like location, visibility, foot traffic and parking accessibility. Whether you’re a mom and pop shop, big box department store, supermarket or restaurant, cookie cutter approaches will not suffice when it comes to leasing space. Now more than ever it’s critical retailers seek an edge with expert assistance from commercial brokers with a demonstrated ability to adapt and succeed in changing times.

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