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Pacific Coast Business Times: Enjoy ‘Our Inheritance’

July 21, 2017
Santa Barbara, California – Published 7/21/2017
Editorial Board & Henry Dubroff

Old Spanish Days Fiesta, the event that celebrates the colonial history of the Central Coast, kicks off in Santa Barbara later this month. It is a week when the pace of business seems to slow down a little, when rivals can share a drink or a taco and when the past seems to seep into our iPhone-driven lives.

And we’ll take a few minutes to recognize Rhonda Ledson Henderson, this year’s La Presidente. Her day job is executive vice president of Radius Group, where she brings a wealth of experience in commercial real estate to her role.

She’s a fifth-generation Californian whose family set up a dairy farm in Rancho Los Osos during the very earliest days of commercial development on the Central Coast.

In her welcome to this year’s program, she encourages all of us to “step away from the complexities of modern life” and “enjoy a little of our inheritance from old California.”

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